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How to read a CBD Bottle

Above is an AD we placed in our local paper to help consumers understand how to read a CBD Tincture bottle.  We had limited space to convey basic info, so we will go into more detail in this article as time permits.  


This is a place holder for the article, which we will complete by 9/2/2019.....


CBD Labeling can be a little confusing with respect to how much CBD per dose You will see things like milligram (mg), milliliter (mL) or ounce (oz) listed on a product. 

The easiest way to understand CBD labeling is to look past all the big bold lettering and look for the statement that informs you how many "mg" of CBD your getting per "1mL". Here's the reason why this is important: For example, a company may offer tincture or vaping e liquid in different sizes such as 15mL, 30mL or 60mL. If we break down the amount of CBD per 1mL in the three sizes of products verse the total amount of CBD, it will be easy to understand why you want to look past the total mg CBD claims on the product label and look for the "mg per 1mL" value: 

• 500mg total CBD in a 15mL (0.5oz) product delivers 33.3mg CBD per 1mL

• 500mg total CBD in a 30mL (1oz) product delivers 16.7mg CBD per 1mL

• 500mg total CBD in a 60mL (2oz) product delivers just 8.3mg CBD per 1mL

So when comparing CBD products, look beyond the big bold total CBD mg amount on the label and look for how many mg per 1mL you are getting in a dose. Or make sure you are comparing the same size products (most CBD tinctures are sold in 30mL bottles these days) and that for example a 500mg CBD in a 30mL bottle delivers 16.7mg CBD per 1mL dose. 

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