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NHI Spent $140M on CBD Research

The following is an excerpt from an NHI article written/updated - May 2018 titled: NIH Research on Marijuana and Cannabinoids

"In fiscal year 2017, the NIH supported 330 projects totaling almost $140 million on cannabinoid research. Within this investment, 70 projects ($36 million) examined therapeutic properties of cannabinoids, and 26 projects ($15 million) focused on CBD. Cannabinoid research is supported broadly across NIH Institutes and Centers (ICs), with each IC supporting research specifically focused on the impact of cannabinoids on health effects within their scientific mission. NIH IC investment in each of these categories for fiscal year 2017 is shown below. Note that each category is not mutually exclusive; some projects are assigned to multiple categories.
The US Gov't works slowly, and we can almost be assured that everyone and their brother will try to assert themselves on the subject of cannabis and cannabinoids. Contact your state and federal congressmembers and let them know your feelings on this subject."

You can read the full article here:

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